Fifty Shades - Country Time Soaps
Fifty Shades - Country Time Soaps

Fifty Shades

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Taking things up a notch with Fifty Shades. Sexy, exciting, alluring and fun! Fifty Shades is created with all-natural ingredients and will keep your skin moisturized, healthy and chemical free. Natural mica powder colorants and bold design to give your eyes and senses a visual feast. Gorgeous scent and a favorite of men.

Treat yourself and your skin to some of the most moisturizing butters, oils and all-natural ingredients there is in these skin loving artisan bars. 

Handcrafted, hand poured, made in small batches with organic and vegan ingredients that will leave your skin feeling fresh, clean and moisturized!

Earth friendly, no plastics containers, zero waste... all natural, chemical free soap!